About us

Educoin is dedicating to expanding and promoting education around the world. Educoin.cc’s goal is to take education global, and educate users on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all forms of digital currencies and decentralization.

Just as Bitcoin is radically re-inventing the future of money, EduCoin will reshape the future of education everywhere. As the first digital currency for education, EduCoin aims to be the worldwide standard for transactions between students, educators, and third parties.

Starting from Bitcoin and Ethereum – the two leading digital currencies with the most potential, we will provide information to users on how to maximize their knowledge to make smart investments in the cryptocurrency space.

Our own digital currency is still alive, though less active:

EduCoin is a novel cryptocurrency with fast block times, re-targeting using Kimoto Gravity Well, variable rewards, and 101 billion total coins. EduCoin is a secure means of payment for students, educators, and learning organizations worldwide.

Interested users may visit our source code here: https://github.com/educoinfoundation/educoin-foundation

Most new cryptocurrencies, with very few exceptions, are derivatives of the original bitcoin source. EduCoin was developed with the education community in mind. The technology was a fork of Litecoin/Dogecoin/Rabbit, incorporating the latest developments in cryptocurrency technology such as the Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm. As such, cryptocurrency is in its infancy and we are more concerned about where EduCoin can go rather than where we came from.